What To Do After The Application:

Please allow 24-48 Hours before calling, in order to give our Admission Coordinator time to review the application.

You must call us to keep the potential client’s status with us active.

Due to rising concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, Tony Rice Center is taking several precautions regarding our admission process. If your loved one is hoping to come on a furlough from a county jail, then we require a member of the jail’s medical staff to send us verification that the Client is not experiencing physical health difficulties.

ALL Clients will be asked to have their temperature taken upon arrival; any temperature that is 2 degrees higher than normal will not be permitted to stay. We appreciate your cooperation during this period of safety. Also, any potential Clients that are taking prescribed medication need to have arrangements so that they arrive with a 90 Day Supply of their medication(s). Protecting our Clients is our top priority. Thank you for understanding.

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