The following testimonials were written by TRC Alumni. We have a sheet on one of our bulletin boards inside of the center that provides information to our Service Recipients about the opportunity to write a brief description about their experience, in hopes that their writing might inspire somebody else to consider taking that first step in asking for help. Though we are grateful for their kind words, we do not take full credit for their recovery. The work they put in, and their own spirituality is what ultimately produces results in the hearts and minds of all we are blessed to have serve, and continue to serve today. Though we are addiction professionals, we are also guides in our Service Recipients’ lives. An honor that we all consider to be an amazing blessing.

“Name is David T., and I am a drug addict and alcoholic who has been in and out of rehabs and treatment centers nearly my entire adult life. I relapsed in the spring of 2019 after 4 and a half years of complete and meaningful sobriety and spend the next almost 4 years, once again, wandering and stumbling down the same familiar and depressing road that has come so terribly close to killing me time and time again.

By the time the fall of 2023 had arrived, I was so deep in my depression and addiction that I had alienated pretty much everyone in my life that actually loved and cared for me and was on probation in three counties in West Tennessee, in addition to piling up even more charges that posed the very real threat of long-term incarceration. My life had spun out of control and was far beyond a point of unmanageability and squarely in the province of being seemingly irreparable.

And then… In desperation on December 11th of 2023, I arrived at the Tony Rice Center in Shelbyville, TN as a defeated, broken bag of pitiful skin and bones, unsure of the possibility even of simply being able to sober up. It was in these walls that I rediscovered hope. It was the people, staff and clients alike, that renewed my soul and restored my very willingness to live and powerfully reinstated the notion that there is a solution to my dilemma, my disease, provided I am willing to get honest, open-minded, and admit my own powerlessness. In short, the people here rescued me from hell. Thank you, Tony Rice Center. You all saved my life… One day at a time.” – David T.

“My last days are coming to a close at TRC. We could not be happier. We have changed for the best and I would like to address the newcomers and the ones at the half-way point. If you ever start thinking about quitting or leaving just remember don’t give up before your next miracle happens. I know it’s hard to sit here and we all have things going on inside and out but together as a brotherhood or a unity there is nothing we cannot get through. We all know that one is too many and a thousand is never enough. I hate that I have to leave all my new and old friends here at TRC, but we all have to go our own ways when the time comes. If you have questions, ask them. As they tell us on the first day here, there’s no wrong answer. I’ve grown so much asking questions, when we’re doing our assignments, step work, MRT, or anything. I will take all that I have learned from this place and use it, as it will all fit into my day-to-day life. You will see the change in yourself and in your brothers sitting near, across, or wherever they may be. May we all go forth and be what we know we can be. We were all taught by the best of the best therefore we are now ready to go and spread the message of recovery to all. I wish the very best to each and every one of my TRC brothers.” – Mikey S.

“Tony Rice was a gift from God! Over 27 years of addiction, 2 trips to prison, 1 thirty day program, 1 nine month program, and 5 years of sobriety in the past, I finally found and understood what recovery is. Tony Rice Center is an opportunity to break addiction and encourage us to find recovery through the help and belief in a Higher Power, in my case God! I, like many others, showed up uncomfortable and full of doubt and am now more confident than I’ve ever been in my life and for the 1st time ever I’m really in recovery! May God bless and keep you.” – Charlie T.

“My name is Ross. TRC has definitely changed my life, because I can finally think and talk like a man. I can talk about things I’ve had buried deep down in my heart since I was a child. I’ve learned (and still learning) things about myself I didn’t even know. I’ve learned a lot about my emotions, feelings, and my thinking. TRC + My Counselor has also taught me how to not live like a criminal anymore. TRC has showed me how to develop a great relationship with God.” – Ross

“Tony Rice Center has helped me overcome, and change my old way of thinking and living. TRC has shown me that I could start to love myself again. I can start to love others. Now, I have faith in my loving God and I have trust in the fellowship here, and that of people in recovery all over the world. TRC has given me hope for a better life.” – Tracy

“There have been a handful people who have played a huge part in recovery. God being at the top the list. All of the Staff at TRC. Not once have they ever blew me off in my struggles. All have been more than supportive. The fellowship in this place has been moving, strong, supportive, and welcoming. And my mom, after all I’ve put her through in my addiction, she has never given up on me. When everyone else walked out on me and left, she is the one who has always stood by me. She is my hero.” Curtis


“I arrived at the Tony Rice Center a broken spirit (and in the back of a patrol car). I had known for some time that I was powerless and needed help with my drug addiction. I had tried other treatment centers and everything else I knew to do, but eventually ended up back in jail. As soon as I walked through the doors, I was accepted into a fellowship that I did not realize existed. Every person came up to welcome me and make sure I had everything I needed. For the first time, in an awfully long time, I began to feel like I was a part of something great, and that I mattered. In my time at TRC, I learned that I could live a life that is happy, joyous, and free. Most of all, I can look myself in the mirror and love the person I see. I thank God for sending me to TRC, for the staff, and for the brotherhood I am now a part of.” – Kenneth

“I came to TRC looking for help but not knowing what to expect. I was told, “don’t leave ’till the miracle happens.” I thought I was going to a place full of people that would not understand me. But I came anyway because I really wanted help. Little did I know that miracles would start to happen the moment I walked through the front door. I was greeted by people who were just like me. They asked if I needed anything. They shook my hand and welcomed me. A place full of strangers made me feel at home. If you’re like me and ready for a new you, go to TRC Open your mind and your heart. Your miracle is waiting!” – Derrick


“August 24th, 2015: So This kid leaves his county jail on the way to a treatment center. He didn’t know what to expect…But he knew he was gonna listen to what they said and [actually] try to do what they asked him to do. On the outside he smirked, cracked jokes and laughed, talked to other inmates and wrote letters to friends as if he’d never known despair. Deep inside was a broken, scared, little boy. He didn’t know that ride to treatment was the first step in him becoming a man. When he got there, what he found was a group of amazing people who he could relate to, and who loved him until one day, he finally started loving himself again. He didn’t do it perfect by no means, but he listened; to people very wise and very passionate about recovery. He simply got tired of losing. Once he admitted he was broken, that’s when God started to use him…We all know God often uses broken people to do big things. Fast Forward Seven Years, that kid that left the county jail, has become a man. He can pass the mirror test. He’s blessed far more than he deserves to be and works alongside with those amazing people who loved him and taught him, getting the chance to welcome in, love and teach the next soul God sends to them. I’m extremely humbled and grateful for an unconditional love and endless grace that I’ve been shown, and all the amazing people He’s put in my life to support me. I love you guys” – Sam


“I had been broken and in bondage for so long… Today I will not tear others down by finding weaknesses and thriving on them. I am learning how to live life on life’s terms. I’m learning how to identify with others, and also taking it easy on myself. I realize what I want and that’s a life free of bondage. I loved getting high but couldn’t be successful in using. Not being able to step away more, and more, to the point where that’s all I lived for. See, I had trained my mind to the point of where I didn’t even have to think; I just manipulated people by their weaknesses I had found in them. I didn’t even think about tearing another human being down for their own insecurities, because I was too dead to my own self to face mine anymore. I used to not feel the conviction of beating myself up so I stayed high to not face myself. But anything I used always wore off. I am finding real ways to deal with my fears, my anxiety, lust, envy, deception from my own ways of thinking. I am learning contentment, to be content with what I’ve got, because the ‘Three B’s’ – Bigger, Badder, and Better – have gotten me nowhere. By feeding into the idea of Bigger, Badder, and Better, I only set myself up for failure. Trying to measure up to someone else is not living up to yourself. I was always trying to control everything and everybody. I’d lost my own self worth. But I’ve found freedom in others; admitting, accepting, and acknowledging my problems, my defects, and my anxieties. God has put a plan, instructions, for any addict to follow. Today, I have learned through the forgiveness that my God has spoken into this world through testimonies. Today I take it easy on myself. I try really hard to not carry the mess of my past life around. By accepting the fact that I can’t put the blame on others. I can’t blame it on drugs either. I can only blame self. I find freedom in a conscious contact with God. When I feel like I’m doing something wrong, I can change that. I do the next right thing. I love myself today. I’m trusting that God’s got my past and my future. God gives us a present. Yes, we get presents from God. Today I try to be molded of God’s image of me, by asking what He wants, and He does not want want me to be a liar, thief, heathen, quick to anger, and manipulate people. My chains have been broken. The most important lesson I’ve learned is I don’t have to have a guilty conscious if I’m doing what is right. I am not saying that I’m completely healed, but I am healing. I was like an infected wound, now I’m healing from the inside out. At the Tony Rice Center you are shown love and shown how to relate again to human kind. At Tony Rice you are shown and love and how to give love. When we show others love it shows us how to love ourselves, and we can keep what we have by giving it away. Now I know this thing is a life long process, but I am glad there is a place to show addicts like me how to get a new start. Showing us a way to live with the disease of addiction, and showing me a way to be Happy, Joyous, and Free. Thank You, Tony Rice Center.” – Noah